Thursday, 17 November 2011

Beginnings; Charlie Harper's Diary

I have had a few blogs, but so far, never a lasting one.  And my last one was very awesome.  Seriously.  The only reason I stopped writing on it is due to personal reasons, mainly because I wish to move on from it.  Well anyway, after the show "Two and a Half Men" took a twist and revealed that Charlie Harper actually kept a diary, I thought, heck, why not let's try again.

To digress a little, I think "Two and a Half Men" is arguably the best comedy show.  Until they decided to remove Charlie Sheen.  Look, I don't give a rat's ass about how screwed up Sheen is as a person, but "Two and a Half Men" simply blows without him.  The introduction of Walden Schmidt/Ashton Kutcher in replacement of Charlie Harper is just awry.  We already have the wimpy and gay-ish guy in Alan, why do we need another?  Hopefully as the season goes on, Schmidt grows to become more...Charlie.

The thing is, I never understood what a blog is supposed to be.  To some people, a blog is simply a diary.  To others, a blog is a place to discuss and air strong opinions against certain topics of value.  The latter would be more of the style I would be adopting.  Of course, there are those who simply dump share videos/jokes/random stuff on their blogs; hopefully this would not happen on this blog.  Scratch that, I assure readers none of the entries on this blog would be pure copy-paste.

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